Recipe // Fake Fried Cuttlefish


Today we will heat up our game preparing fake fried cuttlefish!
Actually its quite simple to prepare but it take a few steps in the middle to make it right.

- 6 Squid strips
- 1 plastic bag (make sure it doesn't have holes)
- 1 coffee spoon of salt
- Corn flour
- Garlic in powder
- Mix of spices

Defrost the squid and cut them to make it more thin.
Put in the plastic bag the salt, spices, lots of garlic and a big quantity of flour. With your hand close the bag and shake it well.
Meanwhile, put the oil heating up.
When everything in the plastic bag is mixed, throw inside de squid, close the bag again and shake it! Very well!!
If needed, add more corn flour, garlic and spices.

By mixing the squid with the flour in the bag not only is much more simple as is more sanitary and everything will be without finger marks.
In the minute the oil is heated, put teh squid strips one by one.
Turn them over when the start to gain this beautiful golden colour.

The efect - taste and visual - is quite similar to cuttlefish and mush easier to find in the supermarket.
Usually it goes well with fried potatoes. Or with boiled potatoes and finish cooking them in the oven with coriander and a drizzle of olive oil!

Preparation time: +- 25minutes
Easy: medium!
Cost: medium

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