The Missing Words


I would like to invite all of my audience to visit this campaign page and read the sinopse of the 'The Missing Words' project.

I also would like to ask all of you to donate a little as you can to support this project.
This project is not mine but I meet Nurlyana on facebook some time ago, don't remember how because I never been at Singapore, but we are friends on facebook.
She is producer and with her husband, they own Niu Pictures.
Little I knew about her until I saw the video of this campaign.
The story is real and I was fascinated about it!
I donate a little, only what I could do it that that time and I wish I could do much more... Either way, I received and animated gif with my name. Beautiful!

Check the video of the campaign and if you could, please help them out, donate, share...

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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