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One the other day I read 'Female Solo Travel Tips' on Ordinary Traveler and I was surprised how the blogger only gave 4 tips... Have a plan, don't panic if plans changes, be open to new opportunities and carry your important documents. Ok! These are the main rules, have a plan, carry your documents with you (in paper, on your phone, keep a copy on your drive or dropbox).
But believe me, you will need more tips than this... believe me... I have a long experience about travelling solo and I'm a woman!

I think I already gave a few tips about travelling alone nevertheless its important to remind a few safety tips for those who want to travel alone.
So the main rule is, be safe! Always! No matter what think about your safety first.
With this in mind:
- Only drink bottle water;
- Don't accept drinks from strangers;
- Carry some money with you just in case your credit cards decide to 'black out';
- Give a copy of all details (hotel, flight numbers, etc) to your family;
- Keep a copy on your phone of your passport, ID, hotel contact, flight info, etc.
- Carry some medication in your suitcase;
- Google the way to your hotel from central station or airport, a few days before;
- Save in your phone, the number of the embassy of your country, in foreign country.

Along with this above rules, I also suggest:
- Have a book-map with you, just in case something happens to your phone.
- If you have food allergy like me, be extra careful of what you eat and keep with you the appropriate medication.
- Read tips about the country you will visit, to find out where to go, where is save or not to go.
- Avoid desert streets after sunset.
- Keep a strong step and don't look scared, even if you are. Smugglers like to approach weak people.

Once again remember, safety first, always. Just because you want to have fun doesn't mean you can not be safe. Your life is way more important than the rest!

If you have tips on your own, just comment!

Note: Picture belongs to Ana Peres. All rights reserved.

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