One on Friday: Save the Planet


For those who knows me well, will know I like to save and I'm a bit cheap!
I don't like to spend money just to spend it, I always have this conversation with myself if I really need it, if I may found something like that cheaper, etc

The fact that I live with a budget doesn't mean I don't live my life well or don't make the best of it. Not at all! In fact means that I redirect my money to do things I really want, like traveling, tattooing, etc. I don't waste my money!

So you may imagine that on my daily life, I'm a person very conscious about wastes, energetic wastes. With this, recently I received an email from EDP with videos and tips how to reduce waste. And I did learn something!

I share with you some videos.

I can got to this website and watch all the videos and tips who to save energy or even to participate on the EDP and who knows win some prizes.

And save energy!The planet and next generations will appreciate.
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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