Friday 13th


Today is Friday 13th... I always loved this days, however this year and today I'm not enjoying a bit! Why? I barely woke up when I walked to my kitchen and felt my feet wet!
And I thought "why my feet are wet?" Well, I have an infiltration on the ceiling my kitchen from one water-pipe of my neighbor.
You can imagine my morning stress... take care of dogs, leaving them at my mother's place and ran back to my house to discover where the hell the water came from!
My major worry was the fact the water is dropping on top of my oven and I don't want to get in trouble with my neighbor because of that... But I will make him pay if anything mine get damaged.

I never lived in a building with other people around me, always lived in a single house, no neighbors in the same building and this seams so strange, having my life depending of others. If this was on my house, I already had this fixed in that same hour... I hate having pending issues!
But no, this is not on me and I need to wait until my neighbor resolve it so my life get back to what it was...

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