Hard times


The last couple of days, had been really hard days...
Started with a little  water infiltration in my house, when I thought that was a past situation turns out it was not! Than my grandmother died... we were all aware this will occur soon because she was at the hospital for almost 2 weeks and her situation was critical, however it was not easy to received this new.

It was really hard to go to the funeral and memorial service, watching the coffin being taken to the crematory... it was hard!

Meanwhile, we decided that the time to end Bia's suffering had arrived.
For those who followed Bia's illness, knew she was at my house since July, and had been in treatment for almost 2 years, without success. The skin infection got worst and the bacteria became multi-resistant to all known medication and therefore for security reasons, Bia's suffering ended last monday, by vets recommendation.
Bia was dripping blood and liquid from her face and ears, had serious pain, refused to eat or move... It was for the best but was really hard on my!

Now I became sick myself... really hope this pass on fast! Hate being sick!
I admit I'm always thinking 'if Bia's bacteria is on my now?' because if so, I'm fuc***! Literally.
The last week of Bia's treatment I was very nervous about touching her without gloves and tried to keep my animals away from her...
So you can imagine the psychological pressure I had this past weeks...

So two days ago I stood at home to recover, to cry out my eyes, clean mu house... my house looked like a slaughterhouse full of drops of Bia's blood in the floor, walls, etc.
Cleaning my house was like cleaning my soul.

Hope you guys had better days, than I had!

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