One on Friday: Fiu - Jardins Suspensos


Personally I love plants and flours, however I have cats and I didn't know but some plants are not good to have around in your house if you have cats, because they can be poison for cats. And because of that I choose to have only artificial plants in my house...
On the other day, I was having a quick reading of an old magazine from 2014 (!) and came across with a small post about FIU - Jardins Suspensos. Obviously when I arrived home, I had to look for it on the web!

FIU - Jardins Suspensos was created by 2 portuguese landscape architects which loves to work with plants. well, they are landscape architects so they must love to work with plants right?
Ana Miguel and Rui Salgado, started this idea on late 2012 and on 2013 FIU was on full speed cruise. They used the Japanese technique named Kokedama, which consist in involving the roots of the plant in moss than tidy it up with strings so they can be hanged.
This technique allow the plant to be less watered, beside it allows the floor free to other stuff, as the plant is literally in the ceiling.
On my case, I found this amazing because my cats would not be able to reach the plant easily...

If you don't know this concept, here it is a small showcase of FIU - Jardins Suspensos work.
I liked it and a lot!!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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