Recipe: Onion and Cheese Hamburger


Today I have returned with a recipe!
Long time no see hum... I don't really have much time to take pictures while I'm cooking, so the recipe posts are always hard to keep up...

So today its not really a recipe, in the sense of cooking the meal but a tip so you may have great meals.
I like to prepare my own hamburgers, I buy the chopped meat and I make them at home with 'Hamburger Press Set' from Tupperware. Specially because I like to give them a twist...
I use spices, garlic and other things like onion, mushrooms or cheese... You have unlimited options if you use your imagination!
For today is Onion and Cheese Hamburger.

Start to mix the spices and very tin garlic in the chopped meat. Mix all very well!
Than open a small hole on it and put a hand full of dry onion and mix all very well again.

Split the meat in equal portions, so each portion will be one hamburger.
Take one single portion and slip it again in half. Make them a bit flat than on top of one put the mix of cheese.

Tip: Continente (supermarket) has this little bag of mix of cheese, perfect to grill or just to use like I did!

Than put the other half on the top of the cheese and everything goes to the tupperware press kit.
And voilá! You have done one hamburguer!!

Repeat all these steps for the rest of the meat and all done.
I can guarantee you, if the meat used is good, your burger will be most tasty and so much better than those ready-made bought in the supermarket. And you will never will go back to those.
If you don't have the Hamburger Press Set from Tupperware, I can give you the contact of the lady that sells Tupperware or you can find similar on Amazon.

And enjoy the rest of your day and if you have your own burger recipes that you want to share, please do it!

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