Cinema: Equals


Lately I have been trying to go forward with my new years resolution (see post here) which means relaxing more than usual and having some time for myself.
Because I don't like to do nothing, normally I watch movies.
So have have been watching movies I had missed the couple of years, meanwhile I managed to see some of newest films. And one of this new films I saw it last week and LOVE it!!

"Equals" is from 2015 and is all about an utopia society where feelings are treated like a diseases and everyone who have this 'bug' are treated and controlled like sick people.
Among this society two young colleagues fall in love against everything and everyone.
Visually this film is awesome, the photography, the plans, the scenario, everything is wonderful.

Interpretation of Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, are fantastic and they play great together and individually.
Kristen Stewart who have been catalog as a "restless bitch face" has an amazing part in this movie.

"Equals" reminded me the book "Fahrenheit 451" although with differences. And, of course, I advice you all to watch it on big screen :)

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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