Fourth Music: Radiohead at NOS Alive!


Finally I got the chance to see Radiohead live!! Nobody imagined my happiness, last friday!
Soon I knew the english band was announced to play at NOS Alive, next day I rush myself to Fnac to get my ticket. And so glad I did it! The tickets sold out pretty fast and I would not forgive myself if I let this opportunity scape.

So last friday, I went alone to NOS Alive and met a friend inside of the concert area.
I only wanted to see Radiohead but as I was there I saw BMH (Portuguese band) which music style is not my favorite but they were really good and Tame Impala, who surprised me very much.

But the highlight was Radiohead and they fulfill my expectation!
Played greats hits like Reckoner, Idioteque, The Iron Lungs, Exit Music (for a film) and on the second encore they played Karma Police e Creep, just to named a few. They played 24 songs in over 2 hours of concert. It was just unreal and marvelous!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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