Review: The Boy and the Best


I've been on holidays, a short holidays and I pretend to do nothing except: eat, sleep and watch films. This will be my major last holidays of  2017...

I've already seen some films, the majority, anime films.

Today I will be showing, The Boy and the Beast.
The film is about a boy who recently lost his mother and decides to live alone in the streets of Tokyo, against every-bodies will. Until one day, he meets the beast and decides to follow him. The friendship between those 2, begun and the beast is like a father for the boy. They both train and became stronger.

The ideals from the movie are very strong but the film is also funny and you will stick to the story from the beginning until the end. I love it!
Visually is very Ghibli Studio and I enjoy very much the drawing style and the colours.
Check this pictures and I advice you to watch it!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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