Why keeping a journal is so important?


We - women - work, we have our personal life, we have our hobbies, our families... The majority of us never have time for ourselves, the 'me' time is so 'very super much' important time to have once in a while.
Once in a while, we should stop being wife, stop being the boss, the employee, the mother, the sister or daughter. Why?

Let see it!

We all know women spent more time taking care of the house daily tasks than men.
We all know women spent more time taking care of children than men.
We all know women have to work twice as hard as men to gain as much as they do.
The majority of women still have to fight for their basic rights... so, this means a lot about our society.

Women need a 'me' time once in a while. A certain period of time where she is nothing but herself. A certain period of time, she can do what she wants, without others to bother or interfere.
During this period of time, is important women to regain strength for her daily tasks. And many of us - I know you too - have trouble with memory, probably due to stress or been exhausted.
Remembering things throughout the day, can be difficult and sometime the all idea of having stuff to do and so little time can be exhausting itself.

My little trick is, prioritize! Always!! No matter what. Even if you think "Oh all my stuff is important, I don't know what to do first", take a deep breath, relax your body and muscles and you will know you can do it. You always have prioritized so... Do it once again.

Get a note book

Another good thing to do, is write done everything! Get a note book.
Forget you Ipad, Iphone, forget all technologies. If you write it on your gadget, automatically you will be tempted to check emails, facebook, etc... You will be distracted by other secondary tasks.
Get a note book! In the morning, check what you have to do, and repeat checking in the evening.

Get a journal

If you want to take your 'me' time to the next level, get a journal!
Personally I have a dream journal and a sketch journal.
I admit my sketch journal is a little overdue, but i still have it. But my dream journal is just next to my bed.
Having a journal, no matter the type, is very important to exercise memory. In fact, my dream journal helped me to reinforce my memory.
Its very normal, when you wake up, your dream start to fade away and forcing it to stay for a few more minutes in your memory while you write it down, can and will help your mind to exercise and to be more flexible.
With this type of journal, you are having a ‘me’ time once a day and working your memory.

Journal from https://store.bulletjournal.com/

So, will you try this?
Do you have any kind of journal? Do you still write in the old fashion way?

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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