Gluten Free Recipe: Pizza Crust


One of the thing I mostly miss about not being able to eat wheat/gluten, is pasta and pizzas.
Once again... gluten free ready-made pizza crust in stores are so expensive, it much more cheap to make than by scratch at home. And believe me, is simple!

This recipe will make around 2 thin pizzas crust or one if you prefer not so thin crust. I prefer thin, rather tasty.


- 2 cups of gluten free flour blend
- 1 cup of warm milk
- 1 soap spoon of oil
- 1 egg
- 2 soap spoon of sugar
- 1 soap spoon of yeast
- 1 soap spoon of xanthan gum
- 1/2 soap spoon of salt
- a portion of corn starch to stretch the dough

Mix all solid ingredients and add the oil, egg and milk. Stir very well, if you have an electronic mixer, use it for 3-4 minutes on high speed.
Pour some corn starch in a clean plan place, or if you want to make like I do, use greaseproof paper and pour some starch and involve some in the rolling pin. Cut the dough in 2 pieces and pour a bit of corn starch on it.
Start to stretch the dough into a circle shape. Add more starch if the dough glue to the rolling pin.
Use the greaseproof paper to move the crust to a pizza pan and bake it for 5 minutes. Afterwards, top the pizza crust with tomato sauce or red pesto (goes amazingly well as pizza topping), and other pizza topping you like. If I may suggest, basil, onion, corn, mozzarella, mushrooms and broccoli?

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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