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Following my 2017 wish list, I ended up thinking about what I wanted to do before I die (Yes, I think about this subjects sometimes...) and I had the idea of making an actual list of lifetime wish list. I already had some ideas of what I want to do before I die but never came up with a real list. Doing it, makes the list real.

Admit the majority of the items of my list are trips - could you guess? - and some are pretty 'doable'. Others evolve a bigger financial effort and I shall take more time to complete it.
But feels good to have sometime to stick to it, professionally and personally.

- Became Creative Director;
- Have my own hostel/hotel/pension;
- Have my own coffee shop / concert theater;
- Travel from Würzburg to Füssen (Germany) by car;
- Travel to Iceland and go to Blue Lagoon;
- Watch humpback whales (non disclosure location);
- Travel to Egypt;
- Travel to Japan;
- Make a 'road-trip' with a caravan from Portugal to Palermo - Italy, by the coast line;
- Travel from Portugal to China, by train;
- Visit the Grand Wall of China;
- Visit Petra (Jordan);
- Travel to Jerusalem;
- Travel to New York;
- Visit Grand Canyon;
- Watch Aurora Borealis;
- Visit The White Temple (Thailand);
- Visit the Taj Mahal (India);
- Make volunteer at elephant sanctuary;
- Spending my 50th anniversary in Bora Bora, with everything paid.

My wish list is constantly changing, because I get newsletters from several airlines and travel blogs, so I get the chance to know new cities, places which I want to meet.
Some part of the globe, I found less interesting like Brazil or South America. But I want to see the rest of the world.

Professionally, I have a very clear idea of what I want and I work daily to get it.
Personally, my wishes are simple, live well with quality, with people I love, making what I enjoy most. The rest is a very good extra.
But I really want to see the world! The world is so big and beautiful that I don't want to die before I get the chance to see it.

And you? Do you have any wish list for your life? Wanna share?And enjoy the rest of your day!

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