Tips: Gluten Free


When I started to cook gluten free, I struggled with bread, specially!
If you try to make them at home, you will see how hard it is...

On my first attempts everything was wrong... to hard, not tasty, too small... And this was may major problem, the bread didn't rise enough... Was seriously frustrating. I spent lots of time reading blogs and tips and nothing seems to work properly. So I decided to make a workshop at Zarzuela and got tips from a professional! Was so refreshing!
Truth to be told, there are so many things about gluten free bread. First, the fact of not having gluten needs extra time at mixing, needs xanthan gum and more humidity.

Because I struggled so much with gluten free bread, I decided: why not share with others some tips?

Quality/Types of flours

There is a large types of flours and brands for different types of breads. There are bags for dark bread, white bread, etc... Each bag was different types of mix flours and this is also important!
This is also a specific flour mix for pastry.
So if you want to make a specific type of bread use the right flour.
In Portugal there are several brands of flours like Germen, Doves Farm, Schär, Nutrifree, etc.
Beside that, Lidl has a gluten free flour very good and also cheap!
Some of this flours are expensive and its better than having to buy single bread.


Yeast must be fresh and check if is really gluten free.
Pingo doce has small cubes of yeast next to sweets area. Normally one cube is for one single bread.

Xanthan Gum

If the pre-made mixed flour doesn't have this gum, add it yourself. This gum acts like gluten and joint the elements.


The dough of gluten free bread need extra time to mix. So if you're making a gluten free dough, normally will need 5 minutes on slow speed than 10 minutes on fast speed.
Advice to use a dough mix-machine.


Needs humidity! Another trick I've learned during my workshop.
Try to spread water over the dough before putting it in the oven to rise it.
But be aware, too much water will have a opposite effect.


Gluten free bread takes extra time to rise. The temperature of the kitchen must be warm and not cold, will help to the dough to rise.
Is also a very good idea to make the dough to grow in the oven at 80/90º just to help the yeast to make effect. Be aware the oven must not be too hot or will start to cook.

Bread Machine

I got one bread machine over christmas and decided to try it on and admit I really like the results.
However, the mixing pas of the machine are really small and is essential to mix the flour/elements very well so I mix everything on my mixing machine than put in the bread machine.
If you are thinking about getting one bread machine for you, check if has gluten free option.
I like it a lot and started to make bread here instead of oven.


Gluten free bread, as well the bakery, doesn't grow much as normal bread, but they can be sift and tasty.
I already throw some dinners at home and served gluten free bread and people enjoyed very much.
Normally I use Doves Farm and the bread is white and tasty.
With lidl dough the bread is a bit more dark but more soft. Nevertheless prefer the Doves Farm.
If you are thinking about getting a bread machine, I've Becken Espelta and so far so good.
Just need to get the salt right...

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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