Long time no see


Hello Hello!
Long time no see, right people?
I've been away from this blog because of several things...
I've been working on a new project for a new client! I will show the project soon :)

Nevertheless the world have been spinning and other stuff had happened to me...
Had some changes in my kitchen, bought some new appliances at IKEA, which I just love.
I'm so happy about them and can wait to cook more often!

I also had two episodes of gluten intolerance which put me in a very bad place for a couple of weeks.
I'm getting more and more sensitive of gluten and have more symptoms of the illness when I get sick.
Its so awful!
A week after these episodes I got really sick overall, with headaches, flu... I think my body gets the defenses low and other diseases take over.

After some thinking about my newly disease, I remembered how some years ago I got sick drinking coffee made of wheat. I didn't know why I always got sick with that... I never enjoyed bread because I felt a bit sick whenever I ate it.
Never knew and never one single doctor tried to understand that. In fact, my actual doctor wants me to eat everything and she doesn't want me to be celiac.

All this new situation in my life got me in a bad place... Thinking how I miss beer, oh I miss it so much! So much that I actually bought gluten free beer, from Daura Damm!! Can't wait to drink it :)
If you are in Portugal and want to try it, saborista.pt, they deliver at home and you pay when they deliver! So perfect!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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