Gluten Free Recipe: Microwaves Brownies


How many of you finished lunch or dinner and got this desire for dessert?
I did, so many times.
Well, this recipe takes - literally - 2 minutes to prepare and make. So easy!
Microwaves brownies is gluten free and lactose free.
However you can adjust and use wheat flour and milk if you wish.

The ingredients:
- 1 soap spoon of gluten free flour ( I used from dove)
- 1 soap spoon of chocolate powder
- 1 soap spoon of water (you can use soya milk)
- 1 soap spoon of sugar
- a bit of salt
- 1/2 dessert spoon of oil (just a bit)

Mix everything and put it in microwaves, in maximum, for 30 seconds to one minute. And voilá!
You got yourself a brownie
Remember this is a single brownie, only for one person :D

Hope you enjoy it!

By the picture, you may think its not a great thing, but was pretty good for a 2 minutes recipe hihi!|

And have a good day!

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