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Soon I will be traveling and my anxiety is building up!
But this time my anxiety has two main reasons, one of which is caused by the simple fact I will be traveling alone. And the other reason if the fact I will be away and out of my safety area about gluten free food.
I will be having lunch and dinner out for 4 days, so believe me this is a stressful reason.
I don't want to be sick while I'm traveling.

So I decided to prepare very well this trip.
So I decided to take with me food for my first - in transit - day. But I can't take food for 4 days, so an alternative had to be found.

So I decided to search the web about restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars where I could eat
and amazingly Viena has lots of places with gluten free food. I was amazed.
My main problem was how to find it while I was actually there. So I searched some mobile apps and found: Gluten Free Roads, from Schar.

This app shows on map or listed, places with gluten free
I already tested in Portugal and worked.
I also made a quick search in Vienna and got several places, including shops where I can buy items. Wonderful!
I can tell you I felt happiness when I download the app and saw the results.
Honestly, hope this app may save me in Vienna and other future places.

I only can say Schar not only have the best gluten free products but they also have the best gluten free mobile app! Congratulation to +Schar gluten-free!

By the way, check this link, and found out how you can order and warning the chefs about your intolerances in several languages. This my be useful..

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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