As you all know, I'm an Industrial Designer and, therefore, I have an huge passion for almost everything about 3D, modelling, innovating design or projects, etc.
I found this by chance, and to tell the truth I very happy that I found it! I saw this Autodesk electronic banner at Metropolis Mag website and, beside normally I don't click on this banners, I decided to do it and it gave me this nice surprise/discover!

I should be a shamed because I never found out about this sooner... But this website it's totally directed for designers and other professionals and it is without any doubt a website to see and discover.

I also want to leave here another link with an promotional video made by Autodesk, reporting and promoting their products with beautiful showcases of designs and projects developed with Autodesk softwares.
To tell the truth, I learn something with this video... It's always nice!

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