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When I was studying, I had this teoric discipline with Professor Paulo Maldonado, a few years back now!, and had to do a dissertation about one of ExprimentaDesign display around several places in Lisbon.
Beside this have been an group assigment, my part of the apresentation was only about Organic Concrete, which where displayed at Palácio Pombal in Lisbon. I recall perfectly going there with my colleagues and dear friends and this piece of design missed us completely, because it was on this place where wasn't seen and we had to ask to one of the vollunteers there where Organic Concrete was. It was a shame!

In 2005, when this organic concrete was developed, it was already something innovative and promising but still be it and maybe this is the rigth time for it, for it be used on public spaces or even privates spaces. Becomes more valuable structural and visual! I really don't recall but I think this was not much talked back then, but in 2007 e-studio, the studio who design Organic Concrete, won an international award on OrganicArchitect in 2007. I don't want to believe only outside Portugal, portuguese design is appreciate and valued.

Beside that, when I had to report my work about this product - organic concrete - I also had to search and analize other similar products that somehow have an connection to this product, either ideologically or constructive or another kind of similarity. If at that time I would found this, I would have completed more my work, my wirk and my colleagues, of course.
I found this some time ago, by the same time I found this blog of lifehacker, but I found it and if it is used like is shown on photos, it can take us, our workspace and ambient into something more greener and organic, at least in an usual way than plants in vessels. I think this shelf may also be great in a kitchen with a few spices planted on it. It's something I can imagine in my own kitchen.

About Organic Concrete:

About Organic Shelf:

If anyone had more info about this organic shelf, please share it here!

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