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I know it's not the first time I comment here that I found and discover new stuff in twitter and... well, after this 'entrance', I don't think I need to say that I discover lots of good stuff through Twitter (Oh I may just did it!)
Anyway, looking at this blog and this particular article, I felt - I admit very honestly -  I was jeaulosy of this workspaces. Must be lots of fun, or at least even more fun, work at this conditions. I take note, and now you please check it out by yourself, and tell me if this is not something to wish for?
We can just take a few ideas to redesign and renew our own workspace!

Well, it's a nice advice and a nice way to end the year, always with hope and wanting to work more and better every time.... and with a new workspace would be even better!

Good year to everyone and my honestly wish of a Happy New Year 2010.

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