One on Friday: 2012 is ending!


2012 was a strange year.
I had a few bad moments... right in the beginning of the year, someone hit my car during the night, but I also had good moments.
I had the chance to take vacations like I enjoy must, one week at the time so I rest more over the year. Attend to a few concerts, added one more tattoo to my collection (took 3 days to be made) and I went to Milan.

Between all this I spent a lot of energy, time and money trying to give more quality of life to my dog, who had cancer, going to the vet once a week to make chemotherapy. Its was a really hard days, in the end of her life, when she went down and died... It was the worst situation I been throw all my life!

But I had good moments! Milan broth in me my creativity. I went to Milan all by myself, visited inumerous museums, churchs, streets... It was a blast! I spent the all time thinking that my camera could not fail me :)
I saw 'The last supper' of Leonardo Da Vinci, several masterpieces that I had study during my graduation... it was amazing...
For sure, will visit Milan again one day.
Now, I leave you all some pictures of my 2012.

And by the way happy 2013!

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