Another trip, new/old places! (part I)


This year my journeys had started pretty early, in January.
I had an invitation to go to London for a weekend and meet up some people who want to donate and volunteer who want to came to Portugal and spend a couple of days at Bianca.
So I went!
Travelled on friday afternoon and even that I arrived at London, Heathrow airport really late (flight was delay almost one hour!!) I know I had two days to enjoy London.

As usual I manage to schedule a date with my friend Vera, who is living in London for a couple of years and we had a blast!! But that I will tell you all about it in another post... stay tune!

On saturday morning my friend Aysa took me to Great Foster for a late breakfast.

This luxurious hotel was one of the favourites sites of King Henry VIII to hunt and you truly can see the magnificent of its architecture and decoration. Every room is greatly decorated and every detail counts. Detailed ceilings overwhelmed you while you that the tour inside this hotel (see Great Foster brochure here!).
Big fireplaces, fine arts... it is beautiful!

If you are thinking about going to London and going to Windsor, take a small detour and go to Great Foster. Is quite close to Windsor and its Palace and the famous school Eton College which deserves a visit too.

Sorry about the pictures quality but I didn't took my camera and all this was shoot with my smartphone.

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