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On the other day (well by now is more likely months ago!!) while my sister and myself were waiting for my grandmother dog to be operated, we went walking around this nearby shopping mall named Fórum Sintra, just to kill time. We didn't had anything in mind so we just entered and get out of shops.

We started to talk about clothing and fashion and end up talking about the low prices of clothes and accessories and how we all promote this system that has very low salaries and bad work conditions.
People going for extremely low price clothing, ridiculous low prices in some cases and we start to think: "How companies manage to practice this prices?" Well that is the main core of this issue! A certain piece of cloth is very cheap because every single part of the manufacture process as very low costs, including transportation, resources and of course manwork.
This became a cycle of promoting or not social welfare and being socially responsible.
I know, many of you will start arguing about the crisis, how this days spending money is not easy, and so on.
In fact, a piece of cloth that cost 40euros, last at least 5 or 6 times more then a piece that cost 6 euros.
Next year, this 6 euros item will be good to clean the dust of your house while the 40 euros piece is in perfect condition and will last more 4 years, just to throw a number.

Its all about buying in intelligent manner and realizing quantity is not the same as quality. Therefore, today I bring you People Tree and their social responsibility.

People Tree is very proud of their responsibility and it shows in every newsletter. Everytime I read them I think how we all should improve social and nature awareness responsibility and how if so, things would turn better for all one day. Specially for poor countries and poor families who live with a stupid low salary.

But getting back to People Tree... I already bought one piece of a Vivienne Westwood collection and surprisely was kind of cheap, is super cool and I already have it for at least 4 years and is in excellent condition.

Well, lets weight! In favor: very low price considering the quality and its from a designer, timeless piece and I have something from Vivienne Westwood.
Against: didn't cost only 6 euros....

So everything I can, I do a responsible purchase, even if instead of buying 2 pieces at low price I buy one at not so low price.

Check People Tree collections, which are on sale, read their newsletter and all stories behind the manufacture, artists, workers, even tips of how to take care of your clothing, etc. Its very interesting!

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