Another trip, new/old places! (part II)


On my last trip (read the first part here), part of saturday was spent visiting one of my favourite museums, The National Gallery!

But this time, I also spent some free time wandering around without agenda between Soho, Covent Garden, etc.
Funny thing, I lost a great deal of time, looking for an illustration of London theme for my house. When I first bought my house I decided I should get a picture/illustration, something about the places I go to. And finally I found one illustration numbered from a british illustrator Dorothy Griffiths, at Covent Garden. And the best thing I bought one piece of her watercolour work that is not available online.

But getting back to the point!
Whenever I go to somewhere and I have the opportunity to meet a friend, obviously I will meet up. Vera, one of my best friends lives in London for a couple of years and we arranged a dinner at this fancy new oriental restaurant near Piccadilly, Inamo.

I was not familiar with Inamo concept but in the minute I sitted down the waitress explained everything and I was WOW!
Although the restaurant have waitress the menu is seen directly at your table by a small projector on the top of your table. You actually choose the dishes with the help of a touch pad. This is very interesting because you can see at your plat every single dish, along with a short description aside and you know what to expect.
You can even choose your own virtual 'towel'!!

The virtual dish!

The real deal at the table!


I advise you to go to Inamo, if you are near London City or planning to to there, but please book online in advance. Is a very busy place, but is very good and worst it!
Check the video of how do you see the menu at Inamo.

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