New year, new ideas!


First of all, Happy New Year!
Another year gone by and personally I'm not that kind of person that write new year resolutions, like read more, make more exercise, etc... No! Maybe because I do have a very active professional and social life (at least I think so!) so I don't feel the need to make new year resolutions.

However, wanting or not, we always review our life and this year I 'saw myself' reviewing my life, my professional life as designer and realise this needed a reformulation.

Freelance market is full and cracking down, customers are asking less and less budgets, don't want to spend money or, even, don't want to pay... For those who work just as freelance is a very dramatic situation but unfortunately not my case.
Soon! So this year I do have new year resolution/wishes.
Happy new year and hope you all started 2015 with both feet on the ground and very stylish!

Meanwhile discover more about artist Sarah, creator of 'Flowerwork', plants arranged as firework here!

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