Prescript: The death


The death of someone that I know is always something shocking, when is of someone younger than me, shocks me ever more, but if is suicide, the feeling is even worst!
Last saturday, I found out a guy I knew commit suicide!
Even though he was not one of my closets friends, I had contact with him and I always thought he was a very cheerful guy.
I can not imagine what his family is feeling... his wife, the mother, father or his brother!
I can not imagine what he was thinking or feeling in order to do such thing.
I can not imagine what had happened to make him think this was the only solution possible... the idea of don't want to live anymore is so strange and confusing!

I met Diogo when I was at Domus to be tattooed by a friend of mine. He was there, on another room tattooing and he was just a kid.
Years later I returned to Domus and I got tattooed by Diogo himself. All the three times I went there, he shown to be a very kind, nice and lovely guy!
When I found out about this tragedy I was in shock... I thought it was impossible...

I know he will be remembered and cherish by many. He had a tremendous gift!
This tattoo was made by him and here is unfinished.

I'm terribly sorry for all this events and I want to send my regrets to all DOMUS team and specially to Diogo's family.

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