Recipe: Ice-cream of Fresh cream


I bought my machine a long time ago but I never really got time to use it.
I bought it from Showroomprive and didn't had any recipe book or instruction booklet, and this was one of the main issue than made me not very secure about this machine.
So I put it aside and from time to time, I looked at it and thought I need to use it at least once!
I started to search recipes and because I love fresh cream, I decide that would be my first one.
Some days before I put the cub in the freezer.

- 200gr of fresh cream;
- 150gr of sugar;
- 2dl of milk.

Start to mix everything in a pan and let it boiled a little. Once in a while stir and do not let it boiled to long.
After that, put inside the ice-cream machine (once again, the cub should be very cold) and let the machine stir for 5 minutes.
After that, take the cub from the machine and leave it in the freezer for 2 hours.
Than, start the machine for another 30-45 minutes.

And this is the result!
It was amazing, so creamy and tasty. And this quantities were enough to (almost) fill one box of supermarket ice-cream.

By the way, try this ice-cream with strawberry jelly, all together. Delicious!

ps. while I was searching for ice-cream recipes and how I should use my machine, I found several arguments about not buying the ice-cream machine because this machine (or any ice-cream machine) is just used to mix. And now that I have used my machine, yes is true, everything needs to be made by ourselves and the machine just mix and make it cold, so I should say to you, you may use this recipe and not use any machine and mix everything by yourself. However I would advice you to keep the ice-cream in the freezer more than 2 hours, and once in a while, mix it very well.

Time: 3hours (total)
Easy: very
Cost: low (less than 5 euros)

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