Windsor in my map!


I didn't had the time to finish my post about my recent trip to Athens and I already another trip. I went to UK and got back in 24 hours.

This time I was lucky to travel in the end of the day and I got a seat right on the side of sunset next to the window. And it was amazing! Love those beautiful colours and soft and warm sunlight on my face. I even got the chance to see the aircraft crossing the clouds. I have a video of that moment, hope I manage to post it here soon.

Because on this trip my schedule was so tight I only had a couple of hours in Windsor, but it was enough to eat a delicious slice of cake, bought a fridge magnetic and walked around the centre of Windsor. The weather was cloudy and even rained a bit.

By the way, did you know all swans belongs to Her Majesty the Queen? For real! And Windsor have thousands of it.

On my way back, I got - again - a seat next to the window but on the other side of the sunset. It was ok, I saw the moon rising and when the air-plane started to land, Lisbon was full of city lights and I remembered how I love Lisbon!!

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