2016 bucket list


I'm not that type of person, that on new years eve make decisions and new years resolution, However this year I fell I should do it! Why?
Because I fell I need today it out loud, so I fell complied to do it, no matter what.
So this year I made 12 items bucket list, like one for each month:

1 - Be more happy and laugh more.
2 - Watch one movie a month, at least.
3 - Photograph and draw more (I miss it).
4 - Make things happen.
5 - Practice pilates, again.
6 - Buy a TV and a big size bed.
7 - Finish to paint my house.
8 - Get to know better Portugal.
9 - Not to isolate myself so much, aka, spend more time with my friends.
10 - Update my portfolio.
11 - Be more happy and laugh more.
12 - Dedicate to design even more, personally.

And yes, I know one wish is repeated.
And about you? Do you made any 2016 bucket list?

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