Ante-vision: Auction #ComingOutMNAA


I don't know if you all know that National Antique Art Museum (MNAA) was taken into the streets several paintings?
Well, it did and they were not actually the real paintings however were high quality copies.
Some of these paintings were stolen and displayed in a different place than the original. Act not preformed by any MNAA member... The unknown person who did this, as called Robin of Arts.

Pictures taken from MNAA facebook page.

Now these paintings are going to be auction!
I find this idea fantastic, plus the starting price is only 100 euros! I bet this number will go up and up quickly, but a girl can dream a bit and I would not mind to have one or two in my house.
Se quiserem participar no leilão, sigam este link:

I would like to take these two into my house.

By the way, the museum is have a campaign to collect money to buy Sequeira paintings.You can read more here!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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