New year, new problems??


Well the year just begun and I already feel it was not a very goo year!
I don't want to be pessimist and call it bad year, but maybe this year will be described like that. We will see!

Professionally and personally things have been strange lately and honestly I feel an anticipation of something bad coming ahead.
I don't like to fell that way, I don't like to be pessimist. I like to be optimist, having will to make things happen, being hopeful and full of energy... And this bad felling makes me fell depressed.

Truth to be told, things already are happening... To proof that last sunday, just to 'make' my day, I had a small car accident! Luckily only material damages and on my own car.
My head is 'on the moon' and unexpected events are happening in the daily work, at Bianca where I volunteer and I hit with my car on a pole at local supermarket...

Hey! Bad luck! Envy! Go away!!!
I hope you guys are having a good year!

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2 comentários

  1. Sabes o que é que me ajudou numa altura que estava mal? A lei de Murphy. Não vale a pena anteciparmos algo que vai correr mal. :)

  2. LOL
    O meu problema é que detesto não controlar as situações e gosto de saber de antemão tudo... e presentir que vem ai alguma coisa e não saber o que é nem conseguir sentir-me preparada, é o que dá cabo de mim :(


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