Fourth Music: David Bowie


After past monday news about David Bowie death, it seams to make sense to post about him today.
David Bowie was definitely a futuristic artist, much ahead of his time than anyone else, which made him a true icon between other artists!

I was not exactly his fan, however I had a huge respect for him! I respect his geniality, his creativity, eccentric vision about his music and artwork.
So here it is 4 exceptional music of David Bowie or sang by him!

Meanwhile and yet about his death, some curiosities.
The last twitter account he followed was God. And that God himself, wrote a post about him!

Beside that, his last work was launched on this 69th anniversary day, January 8th, few days before he passed away, It was like Bowie himself planned all this including his own death time. I wouldn't be surprised if so...
Some people say, Blackstar video is telling you he is about to die.

And if you are interested, here it is, the interview of the designer who design Blackstar artwork:

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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