Oh yeap people! FINALLY!!!!
Finally go my tattoo done, finally got the tattoo I wanted since I was 13... If you do the math, I wanted this tattoo for over 20 years! Damn! So long.

I'm very proud of myself for holding on beside the pain, the huge amount of pain, the pain of being tattooed for so many hours at once... for almost one year. I started on december of 2015 and finished on december of 2016.

Many people have making me questions so I will take this opportunity to inform you about the tattoos in general and the tattoo artist.

Its expensive?

Well, cost money yes. Prepare yourself to spend a bunch of money to get a really good tattoo!
You pay the quality. Cheaper it is lower is the quality of materials, of the ink, of the work of the artist.
If you want a tattoo for life, a tattoo stay you will have on your skin forever, better make something really good, right?

Does it hurts?

Yes, hurts. If someone tell you, doesn't hurt, that person is lying. The amount of pain will be different in various places of your body. Nevertheless prepare to suffer. Take a pain killer one hour before to relief the pain and decrease the fever. I always get fever hours/days afterwards.
The pain will also be different from one person to another. I admit my tolerance to pain is acceptable and I can take 5 hours, after that period is pure pain.
Beside that, bigger the project, more hours/sessions will be needed.

How long does it took to complete?

Well, to complete the dragon, we needed 5 sessions, which one with more less 4/5 hours. But eih, its my all back and a bit of my butt :D
The way the tattoo artist work is also important. Johnny is pretty fast, but others are not so fast... So the person's skills will determinate how fast your project will be done or not.

Will you regret?

If I've done it, was because I was pretty sure about myself.
Never make a tattoo unless you know you will enjoy it in 10/20 years from now. Its for your life, your body.
Get information, check and recheck everything and if you have questions about which tattoo artist you want to tattoo, just wait... The right person will came along then you will be sure.

Not enough?

I don't think so... I have 3 more ideas, but I will wait a bit now. I need to forget the pain, let me skin adjust itself to the ink.
And I will think seriously about my next tattoos, if I will change the ideas or not to black and white as my allergies may have been - potentially - triggered by the colored ink.

Who was the tattoo artist?

My tattoo guy was Johnny Mesquita, from Domus (Setúbal, Portugal). For this type of tattoo I wouldn't trust anyone else. He's a very funny, good vibe but very professional. Keep in mind, his waiting list is long like months of waiting but worth to get a quality thing over a shitty one.


If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, consider this before:
- Health: if you have any health problems, will the tattoo interfere? Will worth the risk?
- Allergies:  if you have any allergy/skin problems talk to your doctor before hand. Keep in mind, some ink may cause more problems than others, for example, red, orange, blue and green always give me lots of itch for months, even after its healed. Inform yourself!
- Heart problems: talk to your doctor. I have heart problems and always have to take meds one hour before and 6 hours later. Remember your skin is an organ and takes everything inside your body, that can travel to your heart...
- During healing, avoid: direct sun, pool, beach and sand, pork, shellfish and other food that you may be allergic to. Use be-pantene cream or healing cream advised by your tattoo artist. Talk to you tattoo artist or doctor if you have any questions.
- After healing: avoid direct sun, always use sun screen and keep your tattoo hydrated. Use neutral products.

Basically, be responsible with your skin and health. No tattoo worth your health, specially shitty ones. Find a good tattoo artist to get a quality tattoo and stress-less :)

Photo of @joshxxbanks

Photo of @joshxxbanks

If you have any questions, use the comment box. I will happily reply according to my knowledge :D
And enjoy the rest of your day!

Pictures from Johnny Mesquita

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