What make you special?


Around 10 years ago - maybe more, don't remember - I read a post about what make us special. What make us unique among billions of people around the globe.
If you think this through, there is a real possibility of existing someone exactly like you somewhere in this world, not only physically like you but like you, with your personality/mental/character.

That post asked to you think about 10 things that could make you unique.
I admit this issue still makes me thing, after all these years.
I admit I find so hard to number 10 things that makes me unique... So hard!
After all these years I just could thing of some...

1- I'm not influenced by crowd effect

Yes, this effect exist! It is proved people tend to follow any crowd when they are among them. Think about football games or any political congress. The human mind like the idea of community, of socializing, so we tend to follow the crowd for good or worst.
I just don't feel that effect! I don't really care about others opinion.
Whenever I don't want something, but someone insist I should do it, more people push me to do it, more I want to do it.
I even consider that a challenge, a mental challenge, to stick with my opinion.

2- Hate brown

Don't ask me why, but I just hate that color... I've nothing brown among my clothing! I feel horrible with brown and I even hate to see people with that color.
And don't ask me what I think when I see people wearing everything brown... Jesus!
And no, I'm not racist. I don't hate brownish skin. And enjoy the rest of your day!

3- I'm a designer and I just wear black

Yes, I'm a designer, I work daily with colors including brown, but on my daily clothing I tend to use black.
Sometimes I obligate myself to wear other colors, just not to spend months only with black clothes.
If you think about it, I don't like to stand out in the crowd, so black is discret. Than, when I wear black I feel relaxed, visually relaxed. And this is the main reason!
Therefore I wear black 80% of the year.

4- I wake up singing

Every single day, I wake up with a new song in my head. Normally is some stupid song. Well, I can explain it!
Funny fact, in funerals I just want to sing. I think is my mind trying to control the situation and taking the death subject to another subject. A mechanism defense...

5- Drawing with both ends

I don't drawn for a long time, but when I was younger I could draw with both hands and with my left hand the draw was pretty good. My brain concentrated better.

6- Bitting my nails

To be honest I don't really bite my nails and I bite the skin around my nails... I managed to stop this vicious habit when I was 18 for one year and a few months but later I has submitted to surgery and it came back. Its my constant battle. Specially when I'm driving.

With much effort, I managed to think about 6 items!

And what about you? Do you think about 10 things that make you unique in the world?
Do you want to share them?
Consider this a challenge and make a serious thought about yourself.

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