Prescript: How can they?


On the other day, after I talked with a colleague about relationships, I wondered why my relationships never seems to last long...
Actually I thought what women with long relationships have in common, which I don't have...

They allow men to be the only ones to do certain things around the house
Well... That is very complicated for me! If there is a light bulb to change I will do it. If there is a hole to be done with a driller, I will get the driller and make the hole by myself.
Its very complicated to allow them to do X than have to wait years until they do X. Seriously guys?
No way... I'm very independent and proactive, to let that happened.

They're permissive

I can't! I really admire women with the ability of not getting piss off about men, under certain circumstances!
How on earth they don't get mad, not react, not to put their foot on the ground and not make a scene? My motto is: If you don't do it, I will do it!

They trust men

Another characteristic I truly admire!
I know I've been be-trailed and hard time and of course that episode changed me for ever... And I can't keep thinking men are always lying.
But is almost instinct, but after the "Oh my mother is sick, I will go home to take care of her" was actually "Oh I will be meeting my other girlfriend!" is pretty hard to trust a single line men says.
And poor guys suffer a bit with me, I even get to be a bit liberal so I don't get too attached, just in case.

They're romantic

Oh romantic, romanticism... What is that!?
My idealism of being romantic is enjoying each other silence, offering gifts for no reason... and no fancy proposals!

They accept everything

And by everything, I mean everything! Even the fact the guy just run off after a fight and pretend she doesn't exist!
I actually saw episodes like that, at shopping mall...
How could they ignore that?? Accept that?
For me, that is a 'deal breaker'. You do that to me and its over!

Imagine a guy having to deal with me??
They learn to deal with the majority of girls until they meet me and get confused! Poor guy...
All I say is, congratulations to all the girls who manage to be the perfect girlfriends! :D
And enjoy the rest of your day!

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