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After a long period of addiction FKA Twigs, I turned to Banks. Both styles are very similar with little diferences.

Banks is more melodious and less calculating in the letters and in the way of expressing, besides having less pretension of shocking than FKA Twigs. As always I don't concern a lot the nationality or his/her background but I'm more concern about musicality, but all the ones that follow me already knows this :)

Banks is all about human relationships, intimacy, sexuality and even depression. She admited she had a very 'dark' period in her life. All this is visible in her music.

In my opinion, her lyrics are wonderful, specially "Weaker Girl", every time I hear it I think "Why I didn't wrote this?" On top of everything the music has violin, could be more perfect!

I love the way Banks express herself verbally and visually. She is so sexy but she also looks so fragile and so secure of herself, just look at her in "Beggin For Thread".

Attention, some music are explicit!
These are my 4 favorites.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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