What not to say...


I'm not very tattooed or pierced (nowadays) but I know its complicated and boring to hear certain comments!
People are just don't comprehend things outside from their concept of normality, and everything out from that concept motivates comments, confrontation, etc.
Generally I hear comments like "This hurt?", "Why do you do that?", "At work, people don't tell you nothing?", "Have you think how you will look like with 60 years old?" or recently "How do you kiss with that piercing on your lip?"

My concept of normality is different, I know.
What I do with my body, is my own! I do it, because I like it, I enjoy myself this way. Love to see myself in the mirror with tattoos and piercings and make me happy. I wouldn't be happy in another.
Please stop judging others!

But the fact I have piercings and tattoos, doesn't mean I'm a slut, that I drug myself or rob or mislead others.
On the contrary!
I consider myself a good person, a good friend, help other whenever I can and I - truly - love to work... I even volunteer!

If you are curious about some issues, just ask normally never with a tone or funny faces... Come on, grow up!

By the way, body modification is an ancient thing. Its not a modern art.
In fact, since pre-history body modification exists, and some tribes tattooed as a curative method.

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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