Today is...


...a very complicated day for me!
Since I remember I hate my birthday, hate have all attentions on me, hate the fact I have to talk with people and kiss people I don't even want to touch...
I remember as a child not want parties, I didn't want to grow up and is a day full of mix emotions.
Later, this day had several events that mark me for life, so much that influenced my love life for ever...
All on my birthday...

But I know I have a group of friends that are fantastic! Little in number but amazing.
They sent me videos by whatsapp, they sent me pictures of themselves with cut dog/fox filters, I also have an amazing mamacita (my mum from work) that gives me strange but beautiful gifts!

Nevertheless, year after year this negative feeling gets worst.
So this year I planned something special!
I will be tattooing in the end of the day, and sadly will be a very small tattoo.
The time this post will be online, I will be in the studio with my dear friend Gemeniano Cruz empowering my day!

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