Atelier Digital (Google) and other training


This year is the year of training!
I already made 2 workshops, have another ongoing and if everything goes my way, will be making 2 more until the end of the year.

The first one I did, this year, was UI & UX Design. Was very interesting and I refreshed my knowledge about this issues and added new ones.

The second training was Facebook and Instagram Ads, with Virgínia Coutinho. I wanted to make this workshop for some time and managed to make it in June.
This workshop opened my eyes about how facebook gather information about its users and how companies can use this information to make profits. The potential is enormous!
Literally, you can do almost everything.
This workshop last 2 days, after hours and honestly I thought this workshop could last at least a couple more hours, due the complexity and functionality of Facebook Business Platform. If you are curious about this platform, go here:

And if you want to take this workshop, go: or search Virginia on facebook 😉

The second one I completed Digital Marketing from Google, via Atelier Digital (ver aqui:
Its super complete, divide into 23 modules and have almost 90 lessons. In the end, you do an exam and if you pass, you get a certification. I felt so proud of myself. Passed at first without errors!

By the way, this training is free of charge. I love it and advice everyone whom want to improve online presence to another level to make this training.

At this moment, I'm taking another training of Post Production of Video. Admit its been a challenge because I have little knowledge of editing or production of video and the exercises are a bit hard for me. Among almost 30, I'm one of few with little or no knowledge in this area. Really have to train and exercise. In the end, will be an exam and I want a good grade... The pressure!

And enjoy the rest of your day!

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