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Today's post is a mix of recipe and promoting an amazing discover I did of Tupperware.

For those you doesn't know, I'm a huge fan of Tupperware and I believe everything they produce is fantastic although the price may be a little too much, sometimes.
Luckily, the mother of one of my college is a reseller! So sometimes he brings me the catalog and I buy some cools stuff on sale.

Now, I got the fantastic, amazing Robot Extra Chef with 50% (!!) off price.
Before we get into it, please watch the video...

Now, probably you started to think exactly I though after seeing: "Hum, this might not work as great they are showing here!"
Even questioning myself, I bought it.
Soon as arrived home, went ahead to the kitchen to test this robot, first with few things, only garlic and onions. On the first push, I was totally WOW... nothing more was needed and I had one onion and some garlic totally cut. And the best of all, is ecologic, you don't waste electricity. And is supper cool :D

On my second experience, I push this robot a bit more to the limits, so I decided to used both functionalities; the cutter and the mixer.

For the quiche, put all this together in the robot:
- piece of roasted chicken breast (from another meal);
- one big onion;
- half of red pepper;
- 3 big white mushrooms;
- one portobelo mushroom;
- fresh spinaches.

And I chopped all at once. Push the handler 3 times and everything! Uipi!!

In the quiche mold I already had the bacon slices and broccoli, to which I mixed the rest.
After that I prepared the filling with soja cream and a cup of milk and put this in the unclean robot. Another pull and the cream and milk was mixed together. What a thrill!

Everything went to the mold and voilà! More less 20 minutes and I had my quiche ready and my all house smell so good.

As I used the woven, I decided to take it and cook more stuff, so put 2 big pieces of cod fish in a woven plate with broccoli and onion and the rest of the pasta from the quiche I made twisters with salt and chive.
With a help of a cooking brush, I put some olive oil on the top of each slice of pasta followed by salt and chive. 5 minutes and they are ready. Tip, they are a excellent starter at dinner with friends.

By the way, I know this pictures are not the best, but come on... Who has time to make glamourous pictures after a busy day at work? I don’t, unfortunately, and my time is very limited.
Believe me, even without the glamour, all was delicious!

P.S. If you want to get any of Tupperware  products but don't find it on website, you may email me and I will give the lady contact from who I get my products.

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