Prescript: Valentin's Day


Sunny and 'Gotinha' sleeping together

Just a few days to Valentin's Day and I already fell the romance on the air...
Dozens of emails from several brands and shops where I sing up started to promote extra sale to commemorate this day and I already fell sick!
Yes, indeed, sick!

Last night I thought to myself how people manage to make other to love them? Not that I think this is negative but personally I do not know how to do this!
I can't make any relationship last more than a month for the past 6 years and every year people ask me: "Where to you will go with your boyfriend? Oh you don't have a boyfriend?" and I get those surprised expressions like its mandatory to a boyfriend at least on Valentin's Day!

Well, I don't have a boyfriend and, as I said before, I do not know how to make others to love me, to make them emotionally depending on me. This is me being tremendously honest...
Maybe is because I'm kind of a shy girl, I don't allow people to know me in the beginning, I'm a very independent woman, I don't ask or give explanations of anything. Maybe, men may feel threatened by all this, and I may became 'persona non-grata' to date.
Because I do not make a scene when they look at other girls, when men make a scene and decided to go home (oh baby, go and do not return and forget my number), because I do not tolerate when we have a date and they are late hours, because I find more important and unexpected gesture of love than some planned one... oh my!

So the past few years, around this date I feel physically sick about Valentin's day. Refuse to go out, go shopping around 'this so important date' because all you can we is couples showing their true love. I'm glad they do it, but I don't need to see it.

This year I may offer to myself a good hour at my masseuse, because (L'Oreal knows it better) I deserve it!

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