Mi casa, su casa! (My house is your house)


For (almost) two weeks in a row, I have been painting my house everyday in the end of the day!
I have 2 bedrooms, entrance, living room and kitchen ceiling to paint and surprisingly I only had paint the wall of the fireplace and the entrance is half way...

Being single is more complicated than must people would guess... besides all not so funny questions everyone ask about your maternity clock, about your future wedding and husband that does not exist, you have to do everything by yourself. Like for example, painting your house!

I never realized how much work it takes... I already had painted wall before but this time seems to me its taking to long that I excepted.

After all this time, I admit, I'm tired! And even more tired I get everytime I look around my house and see what still missing, which is a lot. When I look around, specially my entrance that the former owners painted with vivid yellow and so badly painted that I will need to stretch ink from the floor and other places, not walls, they painted... I get extremely tired.... even before I started...

But, part of me, is very pleased! My house is getting there and even I know is missing so much stuff that I had dreamed, I know I working on it, with baby steps, not spending more that I can, and frankly I have time so I will do it slowly.

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