Ready for Fashion: Levis


I just love this super skinny black jeans with leather detail.

Levis is one of my favorite brands of all times. I wear jeans all year long and almost in every event.
Don't believe me?
Last September I was part of a group of ladies that host an event about animal welfare. Basically I was the responsible for design/multimedia and this event was a 'little' bit upscale as we invited senators, lawyers, deputies, etc to attend and lecture at this event. Although I was always on the background, time to time, all eyes were on me, because I was filming, photographing, etc.
I wore my skinny black jeans from Levis, sleeveless top from Diesel, black high heels sandals and my favorite statement necklace.

I honestly believe you can wear everything and any event, because what really matters is your attitude, how you feel with your clothing!

But returning to my subject, Levis!
This year, like last year and the other year before, Levis keeps innovating, bringing something new to the table year by year.
A few months back they promote this amazing video about waterless! Jeans made with less or zero water in order to preserve the environment. Brilliant!
I buy Levis almost twice a year and its a very good investment. I still have my Levis after 15 years and they look good. Ok! Its a bit expensive but come on... they last so long! And how they fits you? Amazingly!

In Portugal, Freeport has special sale once or twice a year, and I always take it.
In Portugal, Levis website is not a great thing... only showcase and you can not make any purchase on-line, so I recommend the american website! By the way sign up the newsletter for special offers.
Go there:


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