One on Friday: LX Type.


Recently I discovered that Lisbon, which has the short name LX, has her (yes, Lisbon is a lady) own font. What a joy!
The concept behind this font is based in something very typical of Portugal, especially from Lisbon, the electric cables of the trains. This air cables are very typical of Lisbon.
I remember being a small child and always felt fascinated by this aerial cables as well the rails.
As a child I didn't understood very well and this might works but now that I understand, the childish fascination 'hunts' me.
Visiting the website, you can try this type as LXTYPE as well check where the inspiration came from, who each letter born. Plus! You can download the font for free...

I was also very pleased to find out Lisbon Local Govern support this font.I invite you all to visit the website here:

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