On my map: Aegina / Atenas (part III)


Beside Athens I visit one island, Aegina.
The boat trip was very cheap and totally worst it! I choose the slowest boat ride so I had the chance to enjoy the trip and myself.

Aegina is called the Pistachio island, so you will see plenty of little shops with pistachio bags for sale.
The island is very small, with lots of pubs and restaurants around the main harbour.
Those restaurants reminded the old restaurants in Sesimbra... So I had to lunch in one of those places. I choose the one that was nearest to the beach/sea. And of course I order one of the main attractions, grilled octopus and I can tell you it was amazing!! Fresh octopus, super crispy! Amazing!

Lunch in Aegina

In the end of Aegina harbor there is a small museum with very antique ruins, with over 6000 years. Walking around that place with so little civilization surrounding you its amazing. That island worth a visit for sure and it was a shame that I couldn't go to other islands, but actually I spent a ll day at Aegina and I had planned to go to several more museums in the center of Athens so I didn't take any risk of skipping my agenda.

Meanwhile, I want to go to other Greek island, go to the beach, take a very good swim on that amazing water!

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