Recipe: Tagliatelle with codfish and shrimps


Today I have a very easy recipe to give you! trago-vos mais uma receita simples e rápida de fazer! Tagliatelle with cod fish, broccoli and shrimps.

- A slice of cod fish, for each person
- Tagliatelle
- Half onion (chopped)
- Broccoli
- 4 shrimps for each person
- Seafood imitation
- Olive oil and garlic

Start to shred the cod fish, that you already cooked. Meanwhile, put the water to boiled to pasta.
While the pasta is cooking, chopped the onion, garlic and with lots of olive oil on the wok pan, let it fry a bit.
Some minutes later, put the broccoli, the shrimps and seafood imitation in the wok.

This will take about 5-10 minutes, after that time you can join the fish and mix some black pepper and soy sauce*.
Then dry very well the tagliatelle and mix it with the rest in the wok. Here you will need to mix very well. Two minutes later everything is ready to be served!

*You can also add lemon juice, if you like.

Preparation time: 30 minutes
Easy: very
Cost: low/medium (between 10 and 20 euros)
People: 2

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