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I already thought about giving a dramatic changing on this blog!
The idea came up from my difficulty about keeping both blogs running, portuguese and english.
I love to write in portuguese and english however I know from the bottom of my heart, I can not keep them much longer as both take so much energy and time to be updated and clearly that affects the periodicity of my posts.

My idea is to keep the english blog but on the other blog, so this one might be put to sleep...

Whenever I look to the analytics, my english blog always had much more readers than portuguese blog, even the english blog was created later and have less posts.
That's why I'm seriously thinking about keeping my english blog and forgetting the portuguese one. But I don't feel much secure about this idea..
On the other hand, I feel this could have a negative effect on my portuguese writing however I could have the chance to improve my english and my writing time would be reduce to half.

This is hanging on my mind since the end of last year and I feel very insecure about all this. Its August and I hadn't had any decision made but I need to make my mind until the end of this year... one way or the other... once and for all!

Feel free to comment about this issue.

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