On my map: Milan (part IV)


I love Italy! I just love! I have been in Milan before and is an magnificent city!
Has an amazing energy, full of glamor and chic, with all that tall and heavy front buildings.

The light of Milan is so different from Rome's light, for example. I always remembered my History of Art class and my teacher, Carlos Bártolo, talking about the aesthetic differences between the painters from North and south of Italy. And after being there, I totally understand.

Getting back to my trip, this time I stood in a hotel very near the central station and half way to the center of Milan.
If you think well, you can realized we live in this amazing time where you can be in Athens and on that exact day, you can be visiting Duomo Cathedral, in Milan. And that was exactly what happened!
I landed in the middle of the afternoon, and because it was May and the weather was good, I had plenty of time to go to my room, change myself and walked to the center of Milan.
I decided to visit Duomo! On my first time in Milan I didn't had the chance to go there so this time I really had to go!
When I was buying the ticket, the guy asked me if I want to go by foot or elevator. Without hesitation, I choose to walk by foot the way up to the terrace of Duomo... well lest say it was an unique experience of life. During the half way, I was already regretting my choice and I even had to stop to recovered some energy.
But worth it! I wouldn't do it again, but worth it. The terrace is absolutely gorgeous, and the fact I saw the sunset from the top of Duomo only made it even more beautiful.
From the inside of Duomo, I was amazed by everything I felt I was all the time with my mouth open, amazed...



The good side of traveling during spring time is the fact we have more time of sunlight and the day seams to be bigger to enjoy more.
It was almost 20h and I had walked all 'Corso Venezia' avenue, visited Duomo and the galleries... all this is just a couple of hours.
I took the subway to go to my room, and afterwards had a pizza at pizzeria 'Piccola Ischia' which my wonderful guide-book advice me. It was near by my hotel and the book said the place was mandatory and under 10 euros.
By the way, I love my hotel, Demidoff. Totally recommend! Cozy, nice, quiet, with delicious breakfast and love the decoration.

Pizzeria Piccola Ischia was full and I had to share one table with another lonely tourist.
Choosing what to order was not an easy task... The menu has so many options. But honesty in Italy any pizza is a good choice. So I order one pizza and one ice tea and paid less than 9 euros. And believe me the pizza was huge... I had some difficulties to eat it all. 

After dinner, around 22h, the air of Milan was so warm and pleasant that I almost stop at one local bar to have a drink, although I was so tried and I rather go to sleep and wake up early on the next day and enjoy the next day in Milan.
I also wanted to see 'The Last Supper' and if I want to go there, I knew I had to arrive very early in the morning, because I tried to buy the ticket online and it was old out. Even so, I had this little hope to get one ticket. I know they always have some tickets to sell on site. And guess what? I had lucky! I got the last ticket for that day!!
And better... I only had to wait 10 minutes. Lucky me!
If you never been in, you don't imagine the magnificent of 'The Last Supper'! No doubt Da Vinci was a genius, kind of crazy but nevertheless genius. So genius that this painting was made with a new technique he decided to try. Accordingly to the legend, when he finished the fresco was a rare beauty and I totally can imagine however, nowadays, part of the fresco is falling off, the color is fading away... In some years part of this painting will be lost for ever.
I have been twice in Milan and both time I went there to see 'The Last supper'... both times I almost cried!

I have told you Milan is beautiful? I just love that city, the energy, the wide streets and having the chance to walk on that streets without rush or agenda was great!
I left the chapel and just walk... no rush... enjoying myself in Milan... Went down 'Via Dante'avenue until Piazza Del Duomo, well all main streets goes down to Piazza Del Duomo.

I had lunch at the Duomo square and surprisingly the price was too high and the service was too bad. The forgot my order so I wait over 30 minutes for my pizza... I paid too much for that service and the pizza was not extraordinary. 'Mental note', I will not return to that restaurant... ever!
Well but this was a small 'con' on my amazing trip! 
Milan, we will see each other again one day... maybe soon! Grazie per tutti.


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