Recipe: Miso Soup


I think I had been, in another life, Japanese or lived in some oriental country. I love everything about Japan, specially the food and lately I have had this desire of oriental food, like miso soup, sushi, tempura and so on...
On my break periods I spent my time reading recipes about oriental food, trying to find the ingredients and investigating how should I cook some of the 'mysterious' ingredients that I not familiar with.

Almost every single night from last week, I had for dinner miso soup made with different ingredients. Its simple and SUPER easy to do. Whenever I don't have much time to cook I take one oriental noodle bag, boil water and mix a couple of things and my dinner is ready!

For this particular reason, today's recipe is miso soup.

First of all, what is miso?
Miso is a fermented soybeans with salt, fungus and can have other ingredients, like rise for example. The fermentation results in a colored powder or tick pasta, depending of the ingredients used and time of aged.
There are 3 main types of miso: white, red and mixed miso.
Miso is very used in japanese kitchen, for sauces, soups and an innumerates dishes.
You may found more detailed information about miso on wikipedia.

Now, lets start our miso soup. I will explain one of my favorite miso soups.

- Noodle (koka for example).
- 2 spoons of miso.
- 1 tea cup of sweet corn.
- 1 tea cup of portobelo mushrooms.
- 3 big slices of silky tofu.
- 1/4 of onion.

Put some water to boil with spices.
Meanwhile, chopped all the ingredients, except the corn.
In a hot pan, melt some butter and add the mushrooms. Let them fry a bit on both sides.

When you finished the mushrooms, the water may be ready. So in a big bowl, put all the ingredients including the fried mushrooms and the noodles (don't use the powder of your noodles). Add the miso and stir very well until you get this brownish color.
Let everything cooked in this hot water, for at least 5 minutes and enjoy your soup!

Basically you can add every ingredients you wish or like. You can also add fish or meat. The possibilities are enormous.

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